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Overseas Partner

We have some brilliant people in our team, that are taking their free time to promote childhood cancer awareness, and raising funds for Natalie's Star.

The Inspiration    

 In memory of Natalie Smith who died of cancer at 17,

Natalie Louise Smith 1994-2011,

Diagnosed with stage IV Rhabdomyosarcoma at 16, she managed through all her hospital treatments, operations and life threatening infections to stay positive and keep smiling. whatever was thrown at her (and there was a lot) she overcame it with hope, positivity and strength. A true inspiration, she would love to help give the gift of smiles to other children that are coping with the same awful disease.

The Founder    

Rachael berry set up a charity in memory of her daughter,sending teddies and buckets to kids on cancer wards, In memory of Natalie Smith who died of cancer at 17,

Rachael Berry - Natalie's Mum

After looking after Natalie for 18 months while Natalie was ill, and seeing everything she went through, Rachael Decided to set up Natalie's Star as a way to keep Natalie nearby, and to help the other children that are on the wards, going through the same, Natalie's Beautiful smile was why she came up with the idea to send 'Buckets of Smiles' to the children as Natalie would have loved to brighten others lives. And spread awareness. Rachael runs the charity, overseeing and organising eveything.All the buckets are filled in her home.



mark emma

Mark Berry - Natalie's Uncle

Based in Luton,  You will see Mark at fundraising events on the buckets stall, and raising awareness. He also circulates our flyer and raises money locally

Emma Parker - Natalie's Aunt 

Based in Luton,  You will see Emma at fundraising events on the buckets stall, and raising awareness. Emma & her mum also organise charity collections at work and throughout local businesses.


David Berry - Natalie's Grandad

David helps with the financial side of the charity, and is also our 'entertainer' look out for him dressed as our mascot.



Angela Berry - Natalie's Nan

Angela is our secretary and also helps with fundraising, making stuff and spreading awareness



mum nana

Joan Burr - Natalie's Great Nan

Based in Luton,  Joan makes and supplies all the knitted clothes for the teddies and knits the outfits for the dolls. She is always looking out for new ideas.

Keith Burr & Jill McCollin - Jill and Keith along with Joan all source and supply the teddies, they search far and wide for the friendliest teddies they can find.


Michelle Berry - Natalie's Aunty

Based in Ireland,  Michelle raises awareness in Ireland and is always looking out for new ideas and sponsors. Rachael & Michelle run through charity ideas and new projects

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