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By bucketsofsmiles, Feb 24 2016 02:28PM

We have recently received another bucket order for the children on Ward 31 Leeds General, we are so delighted they love the buckets and teddies and keep ordering more. We really love to bring the children comfort with our teddies and a distraction with our buckets of toys. Here's the recent toys in their order which we despatched today...

By bucketsofsmiles, Feb 3 2016 04:30PM

We are just about to deliver loads of teddies to the hospitals below....

Wirral - Claire's House Hospice

Edinburgh - Ward 2 Royal Hospital

Glasgow - Ward 2A Royal Hospital

London - Tiger Ward Queen Elizabeth

Telford - Ward 20 Princess Royal

We will include a sample bucket and an order form again, so we can make sure we deliver the right amount of buckets to the children and we can ensure them a steady supply when they need them.

By bucketsofsmiles, Feb 1 2016 02:00AM

We have received our next delivery of teddies, they are always varying depending on where I can get the stocks from, all these little guys will be off to their new homes soon..........

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