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                                                                          Nat's Favourites


Natalies favourite colour was          she loved to wear it when she was poorly... We also used to take a big purple fleecy blanket into hospital, it was so lovely, soft and very comforting. Natalie always cuddled her       Happy Feet soft toy   (see above ) she always called him happy, Happy travelled everywhere that Natalie went; He saw her through her operations, comforted Natalie through her pain  and constant sickness. Although the best thing she had for comfort was her thumb!! that she always sucked

Natalie Smith's grave, she died of cancer at 17 Natalie having spaghetti Bolognese in bed, She died of cancer at 17



Why Natalie's Star???

The week before Natalie died, she looked up at me from the bed...and said.. "I want to see the Stars"..I asked, did she want to go outside to look?... she looked back at me confused... she really meant she was ready now, to go to the stars

Natalie lost her painful cancer battle to Rhabdomyosarcoma (Alveolar) just short of her 18th birthday....Cancer in children is very real and needs more awareness in spotting early symptoms and actually getting                  to be aware and recognise

....before such tragedies occur... many of her friends were lost along the way too... and so many others around the world.....Spotting early saves lives...

Natalie was a truly amazing, brave little lady...after everything she went through, all the pain sickness and almost living in hospital.  She never complained, Nat was always smiling, a real fighter. Throughout her life she was strong, clever, thoughtful & kind.....

Natalie and her happy feet and teddy, when she was in hospital with cancer

        A music Video of Natalies Life Journey..

Natalie Louise Smith

7th April 1994 -  16th October 2011

startrans trans stars FKLY7 FKLY7 FKLY7 startrans startrans startrans Natalie Smith in her prom dress, she dies of cancer at 17 Natalie having first cup of tea in PICU, she died of cancer at 17 startrans startrans startrans startrans

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About childhood cancer signs and symptoms

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Natalie loved monkeys & elephants.. she wished she had been able to ride one but sadly it wont happen. The closest she got to riding one was the picture below ..When Natalie was  ill she also wanted to ride a horse, but she never got another chance...this is the only picture I have of Natalie on a horse (see below) Throughout school Natalie thrived and quickly she became an A* student...with hopes of becoming a doctor; she applied to do the relevant A Level courses to help at get to her dream..but She got ill at the beginning of her GCSE's.. she never really got to sixth form.. Originally Natalie's interest had been to work with animals, she had thought to maybe become a zoo keeper in Auckland Zoo NZ as she had been watching a programme of this, or maybe a vet.. she soon changed her mind after a week of work experience in the RSPCA.  

Natalie and happy Feet, she died of cancer at 17 startrans startrans trans stars FKLY7 FKLY7

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