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bucket of smiles, buckets of smiles Jam packed buckets of smiles, we send to kids on cancer wards in memory of Natalie Smith,    who died of cancer at 17,
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My daughter Natalie spent 18 months in hospital, She was brave and  always smiling. Natalie had such courage.   I know Natalie would love our 'Bucket of Smiles' as we were always looking for different things to occupy ourselves ... Natalie was always such an amazing; kind person & giving 'Smiles and bringing comfort and distraction' to others would have  been something she would love to have done..

This video of Little Natalie with a 'Bucket'.. as well as her beautiful smile inspired the idea for sending our Buckets of Smiles'..

Little Natty & the Bucket

Why are we doing it?

follow-us-on-twitter-bird follow_us_on_facebook_widget_ Rachael Berry Mum of natalie Smith who died of cancer at 17, sets up charity in natalie's memory

What do we give?

Where have we been?

We take clear buckets filled with lots of little toys.  The contents vary depending on what I can get from the wholesaler, but I try to get as many 'smiley' products as i can, to keep with the buckets of smiles theme, and the rest of the products are random and sure to bring a smile to the children.  

We even did special christmas buckets in 2013; packed full of christmas themed goodies.

As you can see from the picture's, we have just managed to find little packs of dinosaurs too; which is a brilliant addition to our already packed buckets. Please take time to browse our galley to see all our pictures.. And look at our teddies for smiles page to see what else we take to the children. Thank you

We started delivering to the two wards Natalie stayed on for her treatment and we have also sent buckets and/or teddies to:








So far we have delivered over 700 buckets and we will continue to supply these hospitals as our main focus.  

We are so glad we have the chance to provide a distraction and bring a smile to the brave children fighting cancer

Please take time to look at our Teddies for Smiles page as we send these alongside the buckets

We are also able to provide 'Buckets' by post; If you know of any brave fighters across the UK that would like a bucket, please use the contact form and we can arrange this. We  have sent Four buckets by post already; including the  USA and Ireland. (see gallery below)

Rachael Berry Mum of natalie Smith who died of cancer at 17, sets up charity in natalie's memory


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We send buckets of smiley toys, and teddies to children on cancer wards; in memory of my daughter Natalie. She was just 17 when she lost her brave fight. Our aim is to help other children suffering from cancer by helping them focus on something positive during their treatment.

Our buckets of smiles can take their minds off what can be a very scary and distressing time. Often treatment involves long hospital stays & we hope our teddies will bring comfort to the children; and the buckets will bring a much needed distraction...

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Buckets of Smiles

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