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Youtube-logo Natalie Smith died of cancer at age 17

Sunday Mirror Story

This is the news report in the Sunday Mirror - Hopefully we have raised some awareness to anyone that may be suffering the same symptoms that Natalie had....urging them to persist with the doctors.....


By Ian o Pray, Published on Tuesday 29 May 2012 10:18


A MUM who lost her teenage daughter to cancer is on a mission to bring a smile to other child sufferers.


Rachael Berry, of Little Bowden, has launched the Buckets of Smiles campaign in memory of her daughter Natalie Smith.  Robert Smyth School pupil Natalie died in October last year following a long battle with an aggressive form of muscle and bone cancer known as rhabdomyosarcoma.  The 17-year-old, who had hoped to become a doctor, had been taken to see doctors seven times with a variety of complaints including sickness and aches..........




By Dominic Herbert 14 Comments 12 May 2012 19:00


Schoolgirl told she was suffering exam stress dies of cancer


Worried mum of Natalie Smith, 17, took her to doctor's seven times before getting right diagnosis

When schoolgirl ­Natalie Smith went to her GP with constant sickness she was told it was ­probably caused by GCSE exam stress.   Worried mum ­Rachael had already taken her to the doctor’s SEVEN times. Convinced it was something serious she took her again and finally learned the truth – ­Natalie was dying of cancer.

For the next 18 months she spent most days in hospital as the illness ravaged nearly every bone in her body.

Rachael was at her daughter’s side throughout her agonising battle with..............

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Harborough Mail Story

This is the news report in the Harborough Mail (local paper) - Again we were hoping we raised some awareness to anyone that may be suffering the same symptoms that Natalie had...hoping they are now confident to keep raising concerns with the doctors.....

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